Carlos Castrejon Solis

Born 1971, Veracruz, Mexico

visual artist

Drawing, painting, sculpting, mixed media and site installation.

I find in my life daily opportunities to learn and absorb the many inspirations life gives me. I see art in almost any circumstance, place, person, and the surroundings seem to be full of them.

 I intentionally look for more time to spend behind an easel or a drawing pad; to bring to the memory of the paper or the fabric those moments that capture my contemplation.

It seems like I set my mind in a different rhythm and I recall conversations or comments around my circle of work, family or friends. Routines are usually boring, but it is the moment in between the ones I like to gain and appropriate. I like to use multiple media, or materials to conceive works; My creative time is so valuable and intimate, I consider it as carrying a conversation with the art work.

I like to think that if my art work can connect with others is a plus, I feel the success after I finish an art piece, anything else after that is a benefit.

Mere words can be all I'm saying the absolute truth is that I struggle day by day to be free to continue the hard trail of been an artist, the intense work of creativity fulfill the minimal minutes that the day has shared.

Days come and go and my eyes look for more, this enormous universe full of sensibility welcomes my curiosity and with small frames I try to trap them all.

This very moment I call the perfect moment, the only moment to be and to exist.